Interior plants have evolved from simple green decoration to an element that is conducive to creativity, calm, health, and productivity in the home or office. Plants that are appropriately positioned are not only pleasing to the eye, they go beyond fads and styles and work in our interior environments to purify the air that we breath.1 Plants are also key to supporting a healthier emotional environment, positively affecting our physical conditions.

Why do we need plants indoors?

As a living adornment and design element, plants draw the eye toward a focal point and soften problematic areas. Green and flowering plants have been shown to remove several toxic chemicals found in building interiors: just one 6" potted plant can purify an area of 100 square feet!2 Interior plants also create a feeling of balance between our indoor and outdoor lives by supporting our connection with the natural world.


1 & 2 — How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Home or Office by B.C. Wolverton

Process & Action

Much like outdoor landscaping, the process for interiorscaping involves an initial on-site consultation and evaluation of needs for the individual or company. However, even when the garden is brought inside, the same criteria, such as availability of light (full sun or shade?), watering and interior temperature requirements need to be evaluated, in addition to the desired visual effect. The client's wishes and budgets are assessed, and drawings are presented prior to installation for approval. Programs for maintenance are designed & implemented, and with continued support after the installation, the client's new interior environment is in place, ready to enhance the home or business for years to come.

Working with our clients, a unique and complementary plant atmosphere is designed custom to each location. With the use of innovative, interesting and practical designs, The Inner Garden can breathe life into any space or update and transform any existing plantscape.