The sustainable philosophy behind landscaping

We create landscapes that resonate with the user and the natural land, both of which are ultimately responsible for sustaining the site as it matures. Our unique and innovative design solutions integrate the manufactured landscape and nature for the benefit of both. Careful plant selection is the key first step in developing a balanced and sustainable landscape. Proper siting, planting and maintenance are necessary for a plant to prosper in the landscape. Climatic conditions, exposure to sun and wind, subsurface soil and moisture conditions must be considered when selecting plants for a particular location. If the site and a plant's cultural requirements are ignored, despite sustainablity, that plant will suffer.

Our designs highlight native plants that often are better acclimated and less prone to pests and disease than exotic plants. We then enhance our designs by incorporating appropriate non-natives that add a diverse and sometimes unexpected look to the landscape.

How landscaping can mean problem solving for home and business owners

A good design not only is pleasing to the eye, it can have hidden benefits to home and business owners.

Proper plant selection can potentially result in a reduction of pesticide and fertilizer use that can contaminate soils and water.

In addition to the use of perimeter drains and swales, stormwater runoff around buildings can be averted with simple rain gardens that welcome periodic short term flooding.

Reducing grassed lawn areas shrinks the demand for gas-thirsty lawn mowers.

Trees provide windbreaks and can also reduce the heat in urban settings held by surrounding concrete and brick.


The Inner Garden offers a full-service answer to landscaping queries and problems. From an on-site consultation and evaluation of the issue at hand, to determining the scope and budget of the project, Joan and her team take an interest in finding the best solutions for each challenge. Once a plan has been established, drawings are reviewed with the client prior to installation, to insure satisfaction with the final execution. Installation is scheduled and completed, and with a seasonal maintenance program and continuous support from The Inner Garden, the client is left with a product that will flower and flourish for years to come.